Easy Ways to Use a Yoga Blanket

Do you find yourself practicing yoga most often on a hard wooden floor and wishing you had something to feel a bit softer? The yoga blanket is the perfect answer for you and there many creative ways you can use it during your yoga practice. Find our thick organic yoga blanket here. Sensitive Wrists You can fold the blanket up as thick as you need it depending on how sensitive your wrists are. Keep in mind that a thicker fold will be more difficult to balance on. You can choose if you want to add this challenge or not depending on what you use it for! For a plank or tabletop pose, place the blanket directly underneath the palms of your hands. To pad the wrist for downward-facing dog, place the blanket slightly forward of the wrist. Spread the fingers and allow this placement to create space rather than compression in the wrist joint. As a Soft Roll The yoga blanket can be rolled up and used in various ways like a makeshift bolster. Make sure to roll it up as smoothly as possible. Place the yoga blanket underneath of the feet in a downward facing dog to ease sore ankles or underneath the hips in the child's pose to support the hips atop the heels. You can also place the rolled-up yoga blanket underneath the head or knees for comfortable support in savasana and try it underneath the mid-back in a horizontal position for a nice heart-opening stretch. Other Ways   Think outside the blanket box! While it always feels good to elevate the hips on a blanket, either folded or rolled up, you can also use the blanket draped around your body in different ways while seated. Try placing the blanket around your hips like a gentle weight or unfold it completely and wrap yourself up for warmth on a cold night. You may also enjoy using the yoga blanket as a soft weight over the body on the hips in a twist or draped over the chest in savasana. It also always feels heavenly to lie underneath the blanket on a cool night after an outdoor practice. And don't forget to cover the eyes! This helps to block out light from the outside world. It's always a good idea to have different types of props available to use during your yoga practice. Both a thick and medium yoga blanket can complement each other nicely during different poses, and you can also use them together at once. For example, you can place the thick blanket on your back in child's pose and the medium under your head for support. Take a look and find our medium and thick yoga blankets here and let them soften you deeper into your yoga practice.