5 Tips for the On-the-Go Yogi

On the go Yogi

Let's face it, in today's modern world, we are all on the go. Whether it's straight from work to yoga class, or rushing out the door from a phone call at home, to traveling across the world to attend your yoga retreat, there are some things you can do to help ease the way when you get in a hurry. There's no point in losing your mind right before finding it again! Beat the yo-yo effect on your brain and take steps to bring more balance and harmony into your life no matter the circumstance.

1) Plan your schedule ahead of time. Every week, look over your calendar and plot out which yoga classes you will attend or when you will practice at home. Try to keep it consistent every week so that you begin to build healthy habits that support your well-being and growth.

yoga schedule

2) Have your yoga mat ready to go! If you know you have a big day ahead of you, roll up your mat and place it in your yoga mat strap so it's ready for you to grab at a moment's notice. Throw it in your car in the morning for that after-work class or place by your door so you remember to grab it. It's adjustable sizing and quick-release straps make it a no-brainer. Many yoga studios these days charge for their mat rentals, so you'll save a few bucks, too, by bringing your own!

Yoga Mat On the go

3) If you can't make it to a class one week or you find yourself on a work trip or even vacation, continue to make yoga a part of your routine. It may mean doing chair yoga during a work break or trying a new class in a different community or at your holiday resort. Yoga is a continual practice, and you'll continue to learn more each time you do it.

4) Download an app on your phone! If you're feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or even overwhelmed with your week, find an app with some guided meditation or yoga practice to give yourself a jumpstart back into your yoga practice. Set a timer on your phone for the day and time you set aside to do this as a reminder.

5) Socialize with friends who also do yoga. This is a big one! We are always stronger in a community, so why not be surrounded by those who will support you? They will also hold you accountable when you feel like you just can't make that yoga class for “xyz” reason, they will give you a reason to show up anyways. And you will be glad you did in the end after savasana!

Socialize your yoga friends

So, with a little organization, such as scheduling and using a yoga strap carrier to get yourself together beforehand and finding your yoga tribe, you will be well on the way to making your busy on-the-go life more yogic every day and every breath you take.