The Benefits Of Using Yoga Bolsters For Restorative Yoga


Yoga props have become quite essential for those who wish to regularly perform this ancient practise. For all yoga beginners, here’s a tip or two on yoga bolsters. These essential restorative yoga props come in two standard shapes. Round bolsters appear like a log of wood, while rectangular bolsters have flattened ends. The type of bolster you use depends upon the yoga asana you intend to perform.


Yoga bolsters are better than the average sofa. Sit in a Butterfly Pose and support your legs with these bolsters. When you are trying an arm balance, place the yoga bolsters on the floor so you have a soft landing in case of a fall.

Bolster Filling Bolsters are usually filled with cotton, polyester or wool. An inner filling, like kapok, foam or other organic materials, are stuffed inside. Kapok is generally preferred for its buoyancy and its light weight.

Whatever are the fillings inside, a regular yoga bolster will weigh a decent and practical 7 pounds and measures 27 inches long. If you find it difficult to carry it with you to the yoga studio, keep one in the studio handy for use.

The Need For Organic Bolsters These days everyone are on the lookout for organic yoga bolsters. In an attempt to avoid the potential dangers of synthetic materials, these natural yoga bolsters are here to stay. First it is crucial to decide if only cotton or kapok is good for your workout. If you are particular about going natural, you can find plenty of organic bolsters in the market.

Few bolsters are made of natural fibers. These products have an air core and weigh less.A Manduka bolster might be just what you are looking for. Note that most of the bolsters come with a removable cover. Any attempt to wash it might shrink the size and you are faced with a herculean task of fitting the bolster inside the tiny cover.


You can find a range of yoga bolsters that are free of phthalates and allergic materials. When you try the Legs Up The Wall Pose, place the yoga bolster beneath your back and ease your workout. Suffering from a back ache? Prop the yoga bolster against the wall and sit upright. This helps your shoulders to relax and stretch, opening the chest a little.

Get creative and use the bolster as a pillow. For sit ups, place them on the ground over your feet for extra support and grip.

If you are planning to go organic, it will cost a bit more. However, you can reduce your risk of inhaling harmful toxins and prevent allergy-induced reactions on your skin. Based on the type of yoga you intend to perform and your budget constraint, you can browse online and find the best organic bolster.

Choose a lighter bolster and cover it with an outer case. Whatever you choose, ensure that you take complete advantage of your bolster. This nifty yoga prop is sure to aid you in your practise sessions!