Benefits Of Yoga Props That Will Change Your Perspective

yoga-straps-yoga-props (1)You are back after your yoga workout, and you sense a slight stiffness in your muscles. If you are no stranger to injuries, you might as well ignore this. On the other hand, if you have just started your yoga workout as a beginner, you ought to read on. It could save you a whole lot of trouble!

Yoga props are essential for those who wish to actively indulge in yoga. Here are the 10 reasons why yoga props are beneficial and are essential for those who are planning on living a yoga lifestyle. For the ease of our readers, we have listed the advantages according to the different types of yoga props that are currently popular amongst yoga practitioners.

Cushion With a cushion, you appear taller which lends a natural bend to your spine. If you have stiff muscles, bending forward might seem a strained exercise. This causes extra tension on your stomach muscles. When you use a cushion, your orientation changes so you can complete the asana with ease.

Blocks Like its counterpart cushions, blocks increase your height so you can complete your poses effectively. Place a block or two during your Vajrasana pose. This way your feet is more relaxed. Alternatively, when you bend forward, place these blocks under your feet for greater support.

Bolsters blanketin-use2 (1)With a yoga bolster, you can relax your body in all your asanas. Take the challenging Saddle Pose which requires you to completely bend your lower back on the floor. If you are new to Yin Yoga, and cannot bend flexibly, the blocks provide good support for your spine. For other poses, such as the Half-Butterfly Pose, you can take help from a yoga bolster and relax your upper body.

Straps These useful props help prevent sudden movements or jerks. For the Dragon Pose, place the straps between the hip and thigh to relieve pain and stiffness. Another beneficial use of a strap is to provide greater reach. Most of the Hath Yoga sessions make use of yoga straps for seated poses and supine bends.

Blankets yogibelt_indianflower_detail01 (1)The warmth of a blanket is enough to take to the wonderland. Blankets are used in Shavasana to keep our body warm. Apart from this, roll them to form a cushion or a bolster that provides support. Hath Yoga recommends the use of a blanket for several reasons. A Plough Pose or a Shoulder Stand Pose that includes inversions makes intensive use of blankets. Your head and shoulders rest on the floor without causing any sort of neck injuries and strains.

Belts Use the D-ring belt since it provides the best locking system. It helps create traction and encourages flexibility.

Foam Blocks Stop thinking that yoga props are meant for beginners alone. When your yoga teacher is presenting an asana, it can be scary to try out something new. With a yoga foam block, you can reach the ground or balance yourself with ease,

Socks Who would have thought the humble socks would be a beneficial yoga prop? The toe socks help you spread out your legs with ease. They come in the form of mittens and can be worn on your hands too.

Yoga is not about finding the right balance. With help from these yoga props, you can ease your yoga postures and workout with the right balance.