Immense Benefits Of Yoga In Our Day-To-Day Life

Bird chirping has been replaced by an alarm clock’s ring; an alarm that remains inside your head throughout the day. A startling wake to face our responsibilities; ones that are thrust upon us by the society and circumstances, we keep running around trying to satisfy every quest of daily life.

A yoga therapy calms you down, teaches you to stop addressing every need, makes you realise that you are your own problem and solution and assists you in finding your happiness inside you, nowhere else.

Yoga, if made a part of you, can bring more meaning to your living. Yoga is about taking care of ‘yourself’- body and soul. Keeping yourself pollution free from within is achieved through practice. When you allow life to take you along its path, you are unprepared for what is in store for you tomorrow.

Immense Benefits Of Yoga In Our Day-To-Day Life

Yoga lets you pause and think, never lets haste or regret take over. Humans are animals of habit. Why don’t you make yoga an essential habit when it comes with so many rewards and riches? What benefits can yoga bring about in your routine day?

Stress Relief

Stress is the buzzword today. Master of all health issues, modern medicine says. Straining yourself mentally to match the new targets posed to you at home, at work and among friends makes you vulnerable to all kinds of new age illness and decrease the disease fighting ability of your body. Introducing yoga into your routine could keep you happy and smiling. After all, your running is behind happiness. Isn’t it?

Improves concentration

Yoga lets you live in the present. Your mind's oscillation is paused and you are fully aware of where and how you are at the moment, which in turn lets you give the best in you for any accomplishment. On a long day, yoga can keep you energised and enthusiastic until the very end.

Immense Benefits Of Yoga In Our Day-To-Day LifeIncreases elasticity

In other words, yoga keeps you fit and confident. Static work cultures mean you give very less movement to your body parts giving way to weight gain. Allowing yourself some yoga can keep every part of your body active, give flexibility, control weight gain and maintain body balance. When the organs – inner and outer are given necessary mobility uniformly, the immune system gets strengthened. You do not have to worry about your sedentary work life anymore!

Handling emotions

It is amazing to see how breathing controls emotions. When you are on an emotional high, a simple exercise of controlled breathing could bring calm to you instantly; relaxing your mind and letting you handle any situation with grace. When yoga is on your list for the day, you are sure to remain clear headed all through. Relationships with your loved ones dramatically improve with you showing more care and happiness towards family and friends!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead now with four basic yoga disciplines and change the way you see the world! Check for alluring options on yoga clothes, yoga props and yoga accessories before you start your yoga journey; ones that make you feel more belonged and personal to yoga.

Here are a few simple yoga asanas for you to get started:

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Sit cross-legged with your spine comfortably erect. Place your palms on your thighs, facing upwards. Close your eyes and pull in your navel inside while breathing out forcefully through your nostrils. Repeat this exhalation for about 15 times and later increase it to a number you are comfortable with.

Concentrate on quick and fast exhalation and while you are done your inner organs behind to breathe in automatically. You can even keep your palm on your navel point while pulling your stomach inwards to feel the depth. This takes care of stress relief, weight loss, regulation of sugar levels, abdominal fat reduction and improved blood circulation, which in turn re-energises each cell of your body and mind.

Immense Benefits Of Yoga In Our Day-To-Day Life

‘Aum’ chant

Also called ‘Nada’ yoga, this deals with aligning your body to the Universe. ‘Nada’ here pertains to the sound of the universe. ‘Aaaa,' ‘Oooo’ and ‘Mmmm' are the basic sounds that your body could produce in oneness with the Universe.

Sit cross-legged with your spine comfortably erect. Place your palms facing upwards, on your lap. Close your eyes and exhale into the ‘aaaa' sound seven times. This will bring reverberation to a point just below your navel where all the energy channels meet and thus cleansing them. ‘Oooo' sound is chanted in a similar way seven times with your eyes closed and exhaling completely into the sound.

This brings about reverberation in the portion just below your rib cage; revitalizing all three lobes of your lungs. Next is the ‘Mmmm’ sound that reverberates in your vocal chord and sends energy further upwards. Open your eyes to see peace take form.

Nadi Shuddhi

Sit in a cross-legged posture with your spine comfortably erect. Place your left hand on your lap, palm facing upwards. Close your eyes and bring right hand to your nose. You will use only your right hand throughout the exercise to maintain a breathing balance.

Use your thumb and ring finger to open and close the nostrils; the index finger and middle finger are kept folded. Slowly breathe in through your left nostril while closing your right nostril with the thumb finger. Exhale slowly through the same nostril. Now, close your left nostril with your ring finger and breathe in through your right nostril. Exhale through the same nostril.

Immense Benefits Of Yoga In Our Day-To-Day LifeKeep your eyes closed all through the asana and do not make any noise while breathing. Do it as slowly as possible. Repeat for a minimum of 4 minutes. Nadi shuddhi concentrates on cleansing all the energy channels by primarily acting on the ‘Pingala’ and ‘Eda’; the power centres of our body’s nervous system. Directional movements (arms) Stand with your eyes closed, your legs comfortably apart and parallel to each other. As you inhale, bring your hands up in front of your shoulder blades, palms facing away from you. Move your hands sideways with your wrists rotating outward while exhaling.

When your arms fully extend, start bringing them towards your body with inward wrist rotations. Inhale while you bring them to the original position. Repeat the same thrice. It could be applied to movements of the arms upwards and below. Gentle and systematic movement of your body parts activates your body’s lubrication fluids; which is the most important after a long night’s sleep. This will tense up your muscles and trigger the body cells into action enabling an alert mind and body throughout the day.

Include Yoga as part of your daily routine and move towards a healthier lifestyle!