The Many Uses of the Yoga Chakra aka Yoga Wheel

Looking for a prop to take your yoga practice to the next level? It's time to try the yoga chakra.

Did you know the word chakra means “wheel” Sanskrit? So in this case, we're not talking about the energy body chakra commonly associated with this word but rather a physical yoga prop that is shaped like a wheel.

What are the characteristics of a wheel? They are round and provide continuous rolling movement. Their round shape means that your body can mold and soften into them when used for yoga poses and stretching movements.

The yoga wheel itself is basically a sturdy, hollow circular shape that is used to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance in a variety of ways. It is particularly effective for opening up the shoulders, spine, and entire front side of the body. Use our wheel today with a natural cork top to discover your true potential in your journey.

Stretch Deeper

With the yoga wheel, you can stretch your body much deeper than usual. It is a fun and creative tool you can use to enhance your flexibility, which is great for those who have tight shoulders or upper back. You can use it for deep backbends, such as the pose kapotasana, which is an advanced version of ustrasana, or camel pose.

To perform kapotasana with the yoga chakra, start in a kneeling position with the wheel placed behind your hips. On an exhalation, begin to carefully lean back onto the wheel so that your back is completely reclined on it. Then, once you feel comfortable and stable, bring your arms overhead and reach for the wheel with your hands to open the shoulders.

Take at least 5 deep, full breaths here. Eventually, you may find your forearms resting on the ground as you move your hands closer to your feet! Carefully come out of the pose and take Child's Pose afterward.

Normally, you may think this posture is not possible for you. But with the well, it is! Let it breathe life back into your practice, face your fears, and open to new possibilities of growth and joy.

kapotasana with yoga chakra

Find Balance

You can also practice your standing balance poses on the yoga wheel, too! This is a great way to build your strength. Make sure you have something to hold onto the first time you try it. Go ahead- you can try Tree Pose, Standing Leg Extensions, or if you're really brave- a pistol squat!

Another way to use this circular prop is as an aid in a forearm stands to assist in your balance for those who are really looking to find their edge!

Give Yourself a Massage

After all of this, you can then use your yoga wheel to give yourself the gift of self-love: a little yoga massage. Just simply lean back into it and rock back and forth to relieve your sore muscles and maybe even your tired mind at the end of your day/practice. Breathe deeply and enjoy.

Our yoga chakra comes in a variety of colors you can choose here to start your journey today.

yoga massage with yoga wheel