Tackling Stress and Anxiety with Yoga


Yoga is highly popular in a number of different cultures around the world and is praised for its benefits in making one calm and active throughout the day. Not only does it improve your health and help you become more flexible, but it’s also an effective remedy that can help in tackling stress and anxiety. It’s not necessary that you have a diagnosed issue because, in today’s stressful world, there are plenty of things that constantly make us anxious.

There are a number of times when you feel triggered, and anxious thoughts start to cloud your mind. Usually, most people turn to a specialist, which in itself isn’t a bad idea. However, what is bad about it is the fact that you are going to have to depend on the potent medications they prescribe, which do not come without side effects. So why not opt for something natural, personal and more effective? That’s one reason why yoga beats all when it comes to beating anxiety and stress.

There’s not much you need to do if you want to practice yoga to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. There’s no specific type of clothing, and all you actually need is a reliable yoga mat that can help you perform poses well. Aside from the essentials, all you need is a little space on your bedroom floor and the motivation to get started. Here are some poses that will relieve your stress and anxiety.

1. The Balasana


This is commonly known as the ‘Child’s pose’ and it’s highly important to any yoga routine because it serves as a resting pose that is initiated after a difficult one is performed. This is a restorative pose that can also be performed with a yoga bolster. People who are struggling with anxiety are encouraged to perform this pose because it helps them focus on breathing and works the back, which is where much of your stress accumulates.

2. The Vrikasana


You may have seen this pose many times or at least heard of it as the ‘Tree Pose’. This position is highly beneficial in reducing stress because of the way it can shift your mind to focus more on the way you stand and helps you concentrate. With this pose, you practice balance and build a sense of self-awareness. This not only enhances your aura, but it also removes anxious thoughts from your mind.

3. Marjariasana and Bitilasana


Called the ‘Cat Pose’, this position helps in gently releasing the stress from your spine and massages your abdomen. Aside from reducing your anxiety, this pose enhances your body systems by providing stimulation to the spine. Once you’ve performed the Marjariasana, the Bitilasana comes next. These two positions are performed together due to the benefits they provide when combined. The ‘Cow Pose’ will help slowly work your spine and other organs, such as the kidneys while you inhale and exhale.

Easy to implement and quick to effectively reduce anxiety symptoms, these asanas can be performed every day. In case you’re having any trouble getting them right, this informative book on restorative yoga, by Ulrica Norberg, will help you learn how you can stance yourself properly to avail the most benefits out of these poses.