Tingle Your Senses With Restorative Yoga


Yoga has been around for centuries, helping people achieve nirvana. Interestingly, several different forms of yoga have come up to suit different needs of different people. The latest one to enter the foray is Restorative Yoga. People who swear by it say that it is the equivalent of having a nap. Restorative yoga is usually accompanied by a couple of props like a blanket, a pillow, an eye bag, a foot strap, and even blocks. There are plenty of restorative yoga books that can help you get started on this particular type of yoga. Restorative yoga excels at helping you centre your breath and body by aligning the mental and physical together. This is done by observing stillness and simple, gentle movement for an extended period of time.

Once you pick up the nuances of restorative yoga and start enjoying its various benefits, you can set a daily routine to start feeling more relaxed and in sync with your mind. The advantages of adding restorative yoga to your life can be plentiful as mentioned here:

  • It soothes the nervous system
  • Encourages more mindfulness
  • Relaxes your body completely
  • Allows you to feel nurtured and safe
  • It also deepness your introspection and self-awareness

All you need to get started is find any class nearby that is teaching restorative yoga and pick it up from there.

Interesting Restorative Yoga Poses

Pick up your props and dive into the any of the amazing poses to start feeling relaxed soon

Supported Reclining Bound Angle

You need to place pillows to form a rectangular stack that comes up to a foot high. Then sit facing this pillow stack with your hips on the floor. After lean over the pillow stack and slowly place your rib cage and head onto the stack. Wedge a blanket or pillow below your thighs so that your legs relax. Experts recommend using as many props as required till you reach the comfortable and relaxed point. Keep your eyes closed and breathe slowly for five minutes.

Supported Side-Lying Savasana

Make sure you have all your props within easy reach as you will need them for this pose. Keep all the props around your body and lie down on which side you feel most comfortable. You need to place a pillow lengthwise right in front of your torso and bend your legs to place your knee and bottom on top of the pillow. Hold the position for five minutes as you breathe deeply. These restorative yoga sequences will have you relaxed and destressed in no time.

Supported Pigeon Pose

If you have cranky hips, this pose is for you. Place towels and pillows to build support for your pelvis. Then place your hip, knee and your shin on a bolster and straighten your left leg. As your pelvis gets ample support, push your torso forward and breathe deeply for five minutes. Repeat the same pose with your right leg extended.

Practice these restorative yoga poses every day and you will soon start experiencing the different benefits it offers. So pick up your pillows and get ready for a session!