Yoga Belts – Helping You to be Flexible & Wise!

Yoga Belts – Helping You to be Flexible & Wise!The world may tilt upside down, but a yoga practitioner is probably one of the few who does not have a problem with that! For the uninitiated yoga may appear daunting. A beginner always wonders if she will ever achieve complex stretches. Some bodies are taut, either naturally so or due to reasons such as age, disease, etc.

However, nothing can stop you, if you decide yoga is your mojo. It is a lifestyle shift and investment towards adopting a healthy mind, body and spirit. With proper guidance and some equipment, you’ll soon see yourself achieving seemingly impossible feats. To start with, the body needs preparation. The first asanas are designed to get the body ready for more complex ones. The yoga belt is a useful device for a step-by-step approach!

Age or health need not stop you from beginning yoga. A keen interest to transform is the only criterion needed. A whole new and exciting world opens up once you decide to get started. From instructors to equipment, to audio-visual aids, clothing, accessories are all available a click away to support you on your journey.

 But remember, as with everything else, invest in quality. After all, it’s your own lifestyle we are interested in transforming here. The contraptions are not necessary but will aid you in reaching your goal!

Yoga Belts - A Convenient Way to Initiate Your Body into Stretches

Initially, everyone has problems stretching. Sometimes you just hoped your arms were long enough. No sweat, your body can stretch! Yoga belts are used specifically for this purpose. If you joined a yoga class, you would sometimes be paired up so that your partner can hold you and stretch you a little beyond your limit. But if you intend to practise at home, you can get the same effect using a belt to improve body balance and alignment apart from stretching.

Advantages of Using A Yoga Belt

A yoga belt is a great prop to build flexibility and balance. The belts are fitted with buckles made of plastic or metal (both are fine!), which enable you to lengthen or shorten the belt loop according to your convenience.

The point is to make a loop out of the belt, loop it on the limb of your choice and stretch as much as possible. Think of it as holding the loop like the reins of a horse. Just as you would steer the horse with the reins, with the belt, you can steer your body, stretch and flex it.

Use the Yoga Belt for Shoulder Flexibility

Begin with the shoulders. Slouches and hunches are common. Work, stress, studies, emotional baggage, incorrect lifestyles are all causes for imperfect posture. Eventually, they cause spinal and back injuries. Correct posture also boosts confidence.  Form a loop with your belt and hold it above your head till and vertically reach out.


Begin moving your hands above away from each other, holding the vertical position and widening the gap between your two hands above. Experience the shoulder stretch.

Rule of thumb is to always listen to your body and not overdo anything. It takes a few months to build stamina and flexibility.

Yoga Belt In Various Asanas

If you’re the type who simply cannot touch your toes whether in a standing or a sitting posture, the yoga belt is a great way to help you reach your goal. Loop it and maintain the length of the loop that works for you. Sit upright with your legs stretched forward, loop the belt around your feet and hold it like you would hold the reins of a horse. Now begin stretching your back so as to slowly reach towards your toes till your nose touches your knees. This asana is called Paschimottasana. This posture will take time, so go slow and make use of the yoga belt for maximum stretch.

Yoga Belts – Helping You to be Flexible & Wise!For calves and hamstrings, lie down and loop one foot. Now begin stretching the looped leg vertically. Your leg may refuse to stretch completely. Hold the loop for support and start pushing your leg against the tension. Slowly breathe and feel your leg stretch.

Use the belt to practise Jaanu Shirasaasana, Navasana (the boat posture), Gomukhasana (Cow Pose) Natarajasana, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (the hand to big toe stretch).

Are there any disadvantages of using a yoga belt?

None at all. The belt aids you to stretch and flex your body and to overcome rigidity in your pace. At some point, you must give up using the belt since your body will automatically begin flexing. The only perceivable disadvantage is not to get dependent on the yoga belt alone to stretch your body. However, after a few months, your body will automatically reject it.