Yoga Belts – Wear them or Enhance your Yoga Session
2 meter yoga beltNew and experienced yoga practitioners use yoga belts to bring about a richer experience to their yoga session. You can wear these versatile belts or use them to enhance your yoga session. They can be used in so many ways and are used widely in yoga classes. These useful yoga props can help you extend your reach while also helping you to stabilize yourself when you need to hold a pose for a while. With the 'reclining leg stretch' for instance, you'll lift one leg and put the middle of the belt on the ball of your foot. You then lift your foot towards the ceiling and start to straighten the leg. If you need a yoga belt or strap to do this movement or any other, there are choices when it comes to these versatile belts.  


Belts Designed to Last

It's always a good idea to go for belts which come from a reliable source. Yoga king's 2 metre yoga belts are made with 100% organic cotton. A good way to keep your yoga belt fresh and clean is to simply wipe them over with vinegar and water. They're available in trendy colours such as burgundy, green and navy blue,  and fasten with solid double D rings.


Another bet is the 2.4m x 35mm organic cotton yoga belt with double D ring fastener. These belts are made with robust cotton webbing, so they're designed to last and also feature strong double D ring fasteners. This particular belt is also available in purple and blue, but black has been added in as well. Yoga King's other organic cotton belt is available in beige and black and measures 2.4m x 35mm. It has an adjustable plastic buckle fastener.
Trust Yoga-King products to deliver what you need. They are a family owned business based in Brisbane, Australia and they stock everything to benefit your yoga sessions. Why don't you choose something from their wide range and enjoy having it swiftly shipped to your door?