Yoga For Kids: Inner Peace For The Little Ones

In today’s world of irrelevant academic education, it is important that children learn life skills to keep themselves at par with the hungry needs of the society. The most challenging part is to maintain good health at all times, which, this day, is vital considering factors like environmental pollution, stressful school hours and adulterated food. It is the responsibility of the parents to introduce value skills such as yoga, martial arts and swimming to kids at an early age so that they grow into better individuals, and are able to contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

Yoga For Kids: Inner Peace For The Little Ones

Yoga: The Path To Perfect Health

Yoga is a holistic approach to all hitches and can be practiced by children right from the age they are able to stand, flex and have a basic understanding of what is being taught to them. Yoga every day, in addition to an apple a day is sure to keep doctors away. Most commonly seen issues of health deterioration in young ones like cold, flu, cough, asthma, wheezing and the like, could be cured through administering proper yoga breathing techniques. Introducing yoga early to these tender minds has countless benefits that bring in lifestyle regulations, improves concentration, augments immunity, induces self-esteem and makes them happy and confident from within.

All that said, now, is it going to be easy to get them engaged with Yoga? Let us explore.

Watch And Learn

Not just charity, good life habits also begins at home. Kids are observant, they watch every move of your quietly as they try to imitate exactly what you did. So if you make sure you are following good practices in your life, your child will surely follow in your path. You are their hero, and they will blindly follow your example regardless of it being good or bad. Therefore, if you practice yoga everyday right in front of them, half the job is done. Do not miss your yoga sessions, be regular and do it with a smile on your face.

Take advantage of your child’s aspiration to be just like you. Let them help you with yoga positioning, spreading mats, organise your yoga props and enjoy your poses by watching and understanding the what’s and the why’s of yoga. This helps to lay a strong foundation of desire to pursue this discipline with passion.

Yoga For Kids - Fun is the word

It would be unfair to expect children to be indulged if there is no fun factor involved. First impression is always the best impression, faithful to that saying, make introductory yoga classes fascinating for them.

Children love poses that they can easily relate to, at their age. A tree pose, a mountain pose, a happy child pose, a butterfly pose, a lion pose with tongue out, the cow, cat and all kinds of animal poses will sure do the magic of filling their world of yoga with more laughter and joy. Tell stories about a pose, pretend play with poses as fishes, peacocks and puppies. Reserve simple breathing poses for beginner kids and explain each pose and its advantages. Bring their body and mind to unison through warm-ups. Yes, Fun is the word!

Yoga For Kids: Inner Peace For The Little Ones

Keep it Simple

Though 7 years is said to be ideal for yoga initiation in children, their bones are still soft and immature. While teaching yoga for kids, keep the poses and breathing procedures simple and try to structure the poses taught to each child’s individual needs. Yoga poses that do not exert pressure on soft bones and muscles have to be formulated with care before the start of each session. There are several yoga poses that kids can master quickly, these can be introduced first, thereby strengthening their flair towards yoga practice. Practices that have a positive and instant impact on health and are also easy to start with such as Pranayama, simple chanting of ‘Aum’ and other mantras that activate various segments of the body, directional movements of body parts and ‘Savasana’ for relaxation are some that could be introduced to children without fear of repercussion.

The entire world has started accepting yoga as a method of fine tuning one’s body and mind, it’s about time we taught our kids this necessary skill of life as well. Time management, self-acceptance, love for people and environment, respect for oneself and fellow beings are taught through yoga poses and their related stories. The earlier it is introduced, the better.

Yoga For Kids: Inner Peace For The Little Ones

Getting them into yoga groups and having regular classes with kids of the same age is a good idea to keep their interest in yoga alive at least until yoga naturally becomes an indispensable part of your child’s life. ‘Survival of the fittest’ needs to be the mantra to be kept in mind and yoga is the first stepping block for your kid’s brilliantly fitting survival in the universal space.