Yoga & Yoga Props For Physical And Inner Peace

Yoga & Yoga Props For Physical And Inner Peace

As the world turns modern and fast, and technology drowns our planet, the need for the ancient practise of Yoga has seen an equal exponential growth. Its popularity has seen leaps because besides being a good form of exercise, it helps to relax the body and connect you to your inner being. Once you move beyond the initial stages of learning yoga you realise that there are a number of custom yoga props that can be used. Yoga and its accompanying props can release the untold and unknown tension you hold onto your shoulders and head.

Yoga & Yoga Props For Physical And Inner PeaceToday, we give you a list of yoga necessities that can be used by a practitioner. We begin with a basic list for a beginner or amateur and then move to props that can be used for Restorative yoga poses. Yoga outfits: A normal workout wear can become cumbersome because they are too loose. Yoga wear is snug-fitting; it does not distract you from achieving the correct pose and thus your inner peace. Yoga mat: Found easily anywhere, try a mat that has a sticky base. It will help you keep your balance better. Look for an organically made mat if you are a true yoga enthusiast. Yoga bag: This is an obvious accessory because it gives you the ability to keep all of your yoga essentials in one place especially if you are carrying a number of props.

These were the basic necessities for yoga. Now we move on to yoga equipments that can be used to perform a yoga pose like restorative yoga poses, used at the end of a yoga session. Foam blocks: One of the most commonly used and highest priority props for yoga, foam blocks can be used for a Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Yoga & Yoga Props For Physical And Inner PeaceYoga Bolster: A bolster can be used in a number of restorative poses, like the child’s pose, supported fish, supported bridge, etc. Each can help you reach a very relaxed state of mind bringing serenity and calm. Meditation Cushion: A sore bottom is not the way to inner peace, which makes yoga cushion a must while holding the meditation pose. The accessory will attune you to your inner being faster.

There are a number of yoga props and accessories like a yoga strap, a meditation stand, a yoga pillow. You can buy them each individually or in a complete kit almost anywhere. Pick the props that are essential to the poses you practice.

But remember, yoga is not about what is without. It is about within. It is about finding a few minutes of quiet time during the day, trying a few poses and welcoming peace. Begin withholding a few simple poses for a small stretch of time. Use the yoga props, and you will be amazed how serene you feel and the peace they bring to life. Before you go take heed as a yoga practitioner think green and think organic when you buy.