Align your body with Yoga Props

Yoga as a practice is enhanced with multiple health, physical, and mental benefits. It improves your flexibility, builds mind and body strength, and most importantly like any other physical exercise. It gives you the sure-shot release of endorphins thereby instantly lifting your energy and brightening up your mood. Yoga is also one of the noble practices which connect your senses to your body. As amazing as the feels of yoga sounds, it is equally imperative to understand the importance of Yoga props. The art of yoga is only beneficial when practiced in the right manner and right technique.

Here’s where the utmost important game of yoga props plays. Be it yoga mats, pranayama pillows, yoga blocks, or yoga bolsters. Every yoga prop comes with its own unique role and benefit to support, enhance, and vitally personalize your yoga practice. Yoga props mainly serve two valuable purposes for beginners and intermediaries. To begin with, Yoga Props, help beginners to inculcate yoga into their lifestyle efficiently while also building on their health. Secondly, with the right yoga props, yoga practitioners can practice even the most complex asanas powerfully thereby increasing their efficacy.

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Another extraordinary benefit of Yoga Props is you as a practitioner get to customize your practice as per your health and flexibility goals. Yoga props allow you to personalize your practice in accordance with your body’s strength, shape, and alignment. Such props help you to achieve proper alignment and body structure while also helping you in getting more out of each of your asanas, be it enhanced flexibility, challenging resistance, or boosted strengthening. The most amazing part about any yoga props is you can progress and better your practice anywhere at any time. With Yoga King’s easy-to-use Yoga Props, you can practice and advance in yoga efficiently at home too.

Here are some creative ways to use Yoga King’s Yoga Props:

Yoga Blocks and Sun Salutations:

With Yoga King’s Yoga blocks you could add fun and challenge to the practice of SuryaNamaskar. Naturally, stretching your arms, get an extra grip and extra lift via your armpits which allows you to step back from standing Forward Bend and forward from Downward-Facing Dog more freely. The Yoga Blocks also allow you to seamlessly transition from the Four-Limbed Staff pose to the Upward-Facing Dog.

Yoga Bolster and Bow Pose

The bow pose is a challenging pose wherein you require great flexibility of your arms and thighs. With Yoga King’s Yoga Bolster, you could flexibly perform it, by placing the bolster under your lower abdomen and front hip points to rock you back and forth keeping your knees intact to the ground and lengthening your sternum forward and up.

Warrior II Pose and Yoga Mats

One of the important things in this standing pose is the focus on the midline along with the engagement of both legs with control over your inner thigh. In the Warrior II Pose, neatly fold and place Yoga King’s Yoga Mat on the ground in rounded edges. Stand with your right foot on the mat and your left foot on Yoga King’s Yoga Blanket. Carefully position your hands on your hips for balance and start to bend your right knee ahead and slide your left leg back from the mat until you are in a Warrior II stance as per your flexibility and strength.

Final Thoughts

You could master the art of yoga, by meeting your health goals, and lead a healthier lifestyle with Yoga Props.

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