All you need to know about Yoga Rollers!

Yoga rollers yoga king
Yoga rollers yoga king

Staying fit with a daily yoga and workout routine is essential to add flexibility, build strength, improve balance and promote heart and mind health. While maintaining such a routine, there come a number of aches, pain points, and injuries along. Here’s where Yoga Kings Yoga Rollers come to your rescue.

It’s no surprise coaches, wellness experts, physiotherapists focus on relaxation and loosen up your body pre and post-workout. Yoga Kings Yoga Foam Rollers are a great tool to include in your yoga routine to massage your muscles after challenging exercises, aid you in perform tough yoga poses or asanas. Foam Rolling promotes faster recovery after a run, decreasing after workout pain, and generally develops strength and mobility for efficient workouts ahead. Selecting the right kind of roller is equally essential to get its full benefits. Such Yoga Props come in size and shapes with hard, medium, and soft variants depending on the pressure you choose. In terms of sizes, shorter rollers are more portable and lighter to practice while longer rollers are best for massaging and relief of excessive pain points. Soft to medium dense foam rollers are great for newbies for low pressure. If you’re a beginner yoga foam rolling, then Yoga Kings 45cm long Foam Roller is your best shot. Hard denser foams are a great selection for experienced practitioners for advanced pressure.

For all the masters of yoga out there, then Yoga Kings 90 cm long Yoga Tri-Ribbed Roller is your go-to product.

Here are 5 effective uses of Yoga Foam Roller to elevate your yoga practice:

1. Calves:

Carefully place the Yoga Roller under your calf and rest your other foot. Now, initiate rotation movements with your leg in and out, from the ankle to below your knee. This movement is great to alleviate soreness from your legs with Yoga King’s 45 cm D-shape Roller.

2. Feet:

Stand on your foam roller properly under the arch of your foot, now gently put pressure on the arch by leaning your weight forward and rolling your foot back and forth on the roller. This is sure to relieve tension from your feet and massage the pain right away

3. Lower Back:

Simply, place the roller on your lower back. Now press your legs and elbows onto the ground while carefully raising your buttocks off the ground. Start shifting your body backward and upwards while keeping your spine and core intact. This exercise is great to correct your posture and realize all the stress from your spine with Yoga King’s Tri-Ribbed Rollers.

4. Buttocks:

Position the Yoga Roller under your buttocks while placing your feet flat on the floor. Now gently start roll your body back and forth while rolling the roller around your glutes to relieve the stress.

5. Thighs:

Pose in an upward-facing dog after placing the foam roller under your thighs with your toes on the floor. Now, gently press your hands on the floor and rotate your body forward and backward while Yoga Kings Yoga Foam Rollers give you a neat quadricep release and massages your quads.


Foam Rolling is a massage in itself to reduce the pressure of your sore muscles and aid you in quicker muscle repair. Roll into relaxation and experience the sweet relief of foam rollers with Yoga King’s super beneficial range of Yoga Foam Rollers & Yoga Props here.