Level Up with Yoga Bolsters An ultimate guide to Yoga Bolsters!

Yoga bolsters
Use Yoga bolsters to enhance your yoga performance.

Traditional Bolsters is an ancient concept that provides greater support. They’re long, cylindrical, firm support combined with other pillows for extra comfort and often designed as armrests on sofas and beds. Yoga Bolsters are like body pillows to provide relaxation, support your asanas, and aid in stretching deep breathing exercises, and maintain posture.

Yoga Bolsters are popularly used in restorative yoga practices. A yoga bolster can help you relax better by providing support for different parts of your body while realizing stress right out of you. Not only physically, Bolsters used while performing restorative yoga have a deep relieving effect on your nervous system and mind. If you’re new to Restorative Yoga, then Yoga Kings Large Organic Yoga Bolsters are your new best friend.

Attractive and durable in nature, these bolsters are great to relax, smoothen your posture, and alleviate any kind of tension from your body. Yoga Bolsters are widely also used amongst pregnant ladies to calm the spine and relax the body.

Yoga Kings Yoga Bolsters Pillows are made with 100% organic cotton designed with environmentally safe, extremely soft, a cotton-like fiber called  Kapok. Kapok is produce grown without any toxins and chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and dust resistant. Filled with Kapok fiber, Yoga Kings Yoga Bolsters promote better sleep and sleep postures and coolness in the body due to their softness and adjustability. Organic Kapok Bolsters are also eco-friendly as their sustainable by nature and while have zero adverse effects on the environment from harvesting to production to the product. Such Yoga Bolster Cushions are not only pregnancy-friendly but also great for breastfeeding support.

Here are some of the ways you can use a Yoga Bolster Pillow:


  • Stand your one foot on the center of the bolsters and fix your view. Keep your waist strong and left your right foot off the floor. While you find your balance, experience the softness and flexibility of Yoga Bolster Cushions. Try to find a balance between the ball of your foot, your heel, and your toes.
  • After finding the right balance, carefully reach your arm out and bend your right knew to lead your heel toward your buttocks and reach back to your right hand to hold on to the inner arch of your foot.
  • This pose helps you to perfect body stability and body synergy.
  • We recommend our Extra Large Organic Yoga Bolster for this asana.

Viparita Karani Asana:

  • Position yourself against a wall, smoothly swing your legs up the wall and allow your upper body to rest flat on the floor.
  • Set your body as closely to the wall, left your pelvis and gently slide the Yoga Bolster under your lower back.
  • With the soft support of the Yoga Bolster Cushion, try to relax your pelvis and extending your legs up the wall straight.
  • Rest your arms in a T-shape pose or on your stomach.
  • You can also challenge the poses by bending your knees with strong control over your hamstrings.
  • This pose helps in pain relief from your pelvic bone and calms your spine.
  • We recommend our Large Organic Yoga Bolster for extra support and comfort.


  • One of the easiest asanas to perform with your bolster, simple sit cross legged on your Yoga Bolster or sit slightly towards the edge of the bolster so that your pelvis tilts ahead and your bones roll over the edge of the bolster.
  • Experience your pelvis and lower body weight drop on the bolster.
  • Feel your spine grow while feeling light in your crown gazing at clear skies.
  • Practice better breathing while feeling each inhale and exhale with the grain of the moment.
  • This pose is best paired with meditation while feeling a newer sense of serenity in your body.
  • We recommend our Small Bolsters for this Asana.

Final thoughts

Along with restorative yoga, you can take your yoga practice up a notch with Yoga Kings Organic Bolsters. Do make sure to check out the variety of attractive colors and sizes we carry at Yoga King for you.