YogaPaws for Beginner Poses and Postures

yoga pawsNo Yoga Mat For Travel Needed. Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Busy professionals who work on the road report lack of facilities and space as some of the primary reasons they do not get enough exercise. It is no coincidence that this same group often experiences increased rates of health problems. Those who travel frequently demonstrate higher levels of absenteeism and tardiness, and cost company health insurance policies more money. At the heart of the problem is too much time in meetings interrupted only by unhealthy dinners at restaurants. At the end of the day, many traveling employees wind down simply by watching television in their hotel rooms. Without space or facilities to work out in, it is no wonder these employees are less healthy than their counterparts. To curb this problem, workers need to take the time to exercise, even when they’re on the road. You can do this without even leaving your hotel room. With the right accessories, you can realize the many benefits of an excellent yoga workout right there in your hotel room. Yoga mats are too bulky to fit in most carry-on luggage, so we’ve created the perfect alternative–Yoga-PawsYoga-Paws are mini yoga mats worn like gloves and shoes. Just strap them to your hands and feet and you can do your yoga workout even in very small spaces, like hotel rooms. They are the perfect accessory for recreational travelers as well. Yoga-Paws will fit in any suitcase, so you don’t have to leave behind your workouts, even when you go on vacation. What could be more relaxing than a balancing, spiritually uplifting yoga workout done right there on the beach at sunrise or sunset? Email for more information or to ask about our instructional videos.  ENJOY!