Zeroing In On The Adept Yoga Bolster For Your Needs

Yoga bolster 1Take off a bit of time from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and take the time to relax your muscles, body and mind. People often confuse between resting and sleeping. Often we tend to think both are the same. But in reality, it is not so. During a deep sleep, our brains are working. When we are dreaming, especially during stressful dreams, our brains are being stimulated, and the whole body is under tension. Hence, sleeping doesn’t essentially get you the relaxation of body and mind. Relaxation can be achieved only through yoga sessions. A yoga bolster helps you reach the whole essence of relaxation. But then, there is a wide variety of yoga bolsters available in the market. How to pick the bolster that suits your needs? This blog helps you find an answer to it.

Some Of The Yoga Bolsters Worth Investing In

Round Bolsters:

The perfect substitute for standard bolsters in performing various yoga poses. In theDo-This-Yoga-Sequence-For-Better-Gut-Health (1) yoga poses where the body of the performer is hanging from an edge, like Legs up wall pose, the standard bolsters may seem to be uncomfortable for some. The sides of the bolster may press against the back of the person. In such situations, a round bolster is much more comfortable to use. Another use of round bolsters is during savasana. Standard bolsters might be a bit wide for it. But round bolsters provide adequate gentle support.

Junior Bolsters:

Junior bolsters are one of the best props yoga for various poses of yoga. It substitutes round and standard bolsters in many cases. The length and firmness of junior bolsters are same as that of round or standard bolsters. But junior bolsters are much narrower than the other two types of bolsters. This makes it the best option for people who has shorter spine lengths. It helps them do the legs up wall pose easier. Junior bolsters are also a great option for passive chest openings. The narrow width helps one to relax arms and shoulders by placing them off the edge of the junior bolster. While performing savasana, junior bolsters provide support below the knees.

Manduka Rectangular Bolsters(Lightweight):

This is one of the most preferred bolster pillows by yogis. It is well known for their high-class quality. It makes use of airCORE technology so that the bolsters does not flatten with repeated usage and also remains lightweight to be used with ease. It is made of eco-friendly fabrics and has a side strap to carry around easily.

Pranayama Pillows:

Yoga (1)As the name itself indicates, these pillows are best used for pranayama practice sessions. The pillow helps to open the chest width-wise and perform the exercise quickly without much effort. The pranayama pillows can also be used for supporting knees on the underside during the forward bends.

These are some of the widely used yoga bolsters and the ideal ways to use them. Pick the one that suits your needs according to the type of poses you are often practising. The right bolster assures that the poses are done in the most effective and efficient manner. It also ensures that your body relaxes and will be at ease. Take a break and rest your souls and bodies with the help of a yoga bolster!