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Books On Yoga About The 7 Chakras In Human Body Yoga

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Get more information about the chakra system in your body with Yoga King’s vast collection of knowledge. Understand the chakra system and find out how helpful it is to you. Know the various poses and sequence of yoga routines which will help you energise your 7 centres. Convert all negativity into positive energy and obtain a vibrant body. Recognise the hidden power of your mind and recharge your soul. Fill your life with happiness and radiance that spreads to your family.


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What is chakra yoga?

Learn what chakra yoga is with the help of detailed books. Open all your energy centres with the aid of pranayama. Know how useful controlling your breath is in bringing balance into your emotional and physical world. Cleanse your inner self and let go of all toxins. Keep your spine upright as that is your channel for flow of positive energy.


Complete Understanding –All Yoga Chakras Explained By Experts To Bring Good Karma


Yoga is a way of life. Chakra yoga helps attain that ultimate energy level which is necessary for a perfectly balanced life. Learn about the various poses listed below and see them illustrated. The perfect way to understand how to maintain these postures and what not to do.

1. Root chakra pose, the opening chakra  for self realisation
2. Sacral chakra pose for functioning as a gate for proper balance of all fluids
3. Solar plexus chakra pose for positive transformation
4. Heart chakra pose for keeping a balance between your spiritual and physical world
5. Throat chakra pose for balance in emotional needs
6. Third eye chakra pose for positive energy flow
7. Crown chakra pose for balancing energy and relaxation


Balance your 7 chakras to bring absolute peace and harmony into your life. The guided path will bring your immense joy and happiness. Grab the chance to learn the secrets to a new life.