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The spiritual benefits of meditation are said to be best achieved through yoga Zen meditation. The basic of Zen meditation and ways to achieve pure harmony with mind, soul and body can be learnt through these books. We provide you with the best yoga books for beginners at our online store so that you get to learn the basics right from scratch. Here is a great book from our store:


The Practicing Mind - A Yoga book by Thomas. M. Sterner

This book captures the essence of meditating and helps you learn the virtues needed in life. To gain success in life and to achieve important virtues of life, it is necessary to own discipline, patience and focus. This book lays stress on that. It covers each and every aspect of life. It motivates us to face failure, try again and succeed. The best inspiration for that would be small babies. If we, as a child was depressed at failures and never tried again, then we would not have learnt even the basic things like walking, tieing shoelaces, eating with a spoon, etc. Each and every child falls a million times before finally learning to walk and jump around. It is time we acquire the persistence to learn and power to face failures from our childhood.


Learning The Intricacies Of Zen Yoga Meditation Through Books At Yoga King

The yoga book Meditation by Pagan Portals throws light on the best meditation techniques. It explains the intricacies of zen yoga meditations in a very straightforward and easy to grasp manner. It helps to learn the uses of crystals. It explains all the aspects of meditation like preparing the surrounding environment for meditation, astral travel, chanting, shape-shifting and chakra cleansing.


Zen Yoga Meditation Books Focusing On Improving Quality Of Life For Women At Yoga King

Women are most often the ones that toil hard with works loads at both homes and office. Managing home, looking after kids, taking care of each and every one at home forgetting about oneself and leading professional lives is no easy task. This book reminds these women to stop, take a deep breath, take some well-deserved rest and take up meditation to relieve those stressed up mind and body.