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A Thorough Yoga Book For Teaching Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga poses that bring peace and calmness to your body. Learn about the techniques that can restore your happiness with Yoga King. Understand how you can balance your emotions and think positively. Lose weight with restorative yoga and remain fit for the rest of your life.

Healing from within is what restorative yoga is all about. With simple poses, regain the positive energy. Eliminate toxins that keep you unfit and ill. Remain physically active and fit. Lose unwanted fat and bring a huge change in your body shape. Smile happily as you are in control of your emotions and physical balance.


Learn Hands-On Yoga Adjustments With Illustrative Examples


Read how you can keep yourself calm and at peace. Reduce the stress and lead a blissful life daily. Learn to enjoy the simple pleasures and stop running after material gains. Remember that your life has been given to be enjoyed and every second is valuable. Improve your health and restore inner peace. Learn how to use props to prolong each posture. Hold the poses for longer periods with the help of yoga props. The books say it all. Written by experienced Yoga Gurus, there are complete descriptions of all the details. Illustrative examples to help you understand each posture. Detailed explanations of the benefits of each pose.


Relax And Renew Book Reading With The Best Yoga Books For Beginners

New to yoga? Browse through our informative collection of books on restorative yoga. A wide range of yoga books, CDs, and DVDs to help you begin the right way. Learn how useful yoga is to your body. Adopt restorative yoga to ensure perfect balance. Increase your concentration and mental strength with regular practice. Learn the simple tips that the experts have given to make your practice sessions easier. Enjoy your life with Yoga King’s expert advice on restorative yoga. Decide to change your life and see how beautifully you transform.