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Build Your Music Library With High Quality World Yoga CD

Yoga brings you various poses and postures to help relieve the pain that has been nagging you for years. We have some Yoga relaxation music CDs for inspiring yoga sessions. Collect the most wonderful music CDs to enhance the yoga sessions. Listen to these minds relaxing tracks for complete relaxation and to spread the vibrations of peace and joy during your practice. Learn about the various yoga poses for back pain relief. Easy tips to stimulate your nerves and muscles.

The Best Power Yoga CD By The Best Yoga Music Artists

You will love the selection of songs in these CDs. An excellent accessory for complete meditation. Perfect for restorative yoga, Jonathan Kent, Alana Fairchild, Imee Ooi and so many other great music artists have rendered wonderful sessions.  All sessions will be extraordinary, magical and a relaxing treatment for most ailments.


Yoga CDs For Beginners – The Best Way To Inner Health

Practicing yoga is good for the body but to get optimum results, it is important to use the right music when doing it. Yoga King brings you a great way to relax and rejuvenate; the music has to be used in coordination with the yoga poses to help you get the result that you desire. Plenty of CDs are available with us for you to choose the one that suits your goals. When music plays, you won’t even know that you are working out. Add music to the sessions and see how immersed you are. Going for your yoga sessions will turn out to be the best part of your day.


A complete transformation is on your way. Browse through the large collection of soundtracks and music CDs. Learn through instructive sessions complied by yoga gurus. Superb collections that will keep you fully engaged in each session. We can help you get ready for a life-changing journey. Experience the beauty of each moment without thinking about the stress of life.