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An Inspiring World Yoga CD to Bring Fresh Energy into Your Daily Routine

Listen to the best yoga music CD for a relaxing session equal to any music therapy. Derive spiritual awakening and learn how to meditate. Our yoga experts have compiled each session with your needs in mind. Browse through a wide range of yoga CDs. Select the ones you feel are most appropriate for your requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. Ready to serve you round the clock. We offer the best power yoga CDs which brings a positive change in your life. Deep breathing techniques to induce favorable response from your body.


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Peaceful chants and mantras which spread the energy of the Universe to your surroundings. Attain balance and emotional stability with beautiful soundtracks from our yoga music CDs. Listen to the peaceful music bringing in peace and tranquillity for enhancing happiness and joy. Listen to the beautiful collections of music for yoga and meditation. Heidi  Wyder, Dubbaray, Imee Ooi and so many other artists have contributed to the huge range of CDs. Yoga King brings you chants and mantras that help achieve inner peace. Stay calm and focused during all sessions with our mind relaxing CDs.


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Hear some wonderful yoga relaxation music from our fantastic Yoga CD collection. Browse through the various collections to find excellent sources of relaxation. We provide good music for yoga sessions to be more effective. Enjoy your yoga practice and learn to take care of yourself. Heal from within and experience the beauty of life. Be at ease with magical and ancient mantras. Feel the universe welcoming you wholeheartedly and experience the vibration of peace as you close your eyes and listen to the calming music from the carefully compiled collections.