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The 10 Minute Guided Chakra Meditation To A Healthier You

Activate your chakra with this wonderful compilation of chakra meditation music during your yoga sessions. The complete yoga guide for channelizing your energy in the positive direction. Make use of this powerful to learn the ancient chakra meditation. A powerful way to balance the 7 chakras. See the difference in just one session. You will love being introduced to a new way of bringing in energy. Each CD brings a dedicated path of complete harmony. Learn chakra meditation to activate the 7 chakras well enough to bring peaceful tranquillity into your life. We help to create a web of happiness and joy around you. Learn Chakra Balance by David & Steve Gordon


Yoga Relaxation Music For A Perfect Meditation

Learn to enjoy every moment of your life with yoga relaxation music CDs from Yoga King. We present the most beautifully compiled music collection for you to make the best use of your yoga session. Derive ultimate relaxation by a deep meditation. You are unique and you deserve the best always. Embrace the change in your life and make others happy too. Learn about the 7 chakras that help you connect to the universe. Revive these energy centers located along your spine. These are the secret areas that remain unaware of most people.


How To Balance Chakras For Beginners-The Perfect Guide

Yoga is a healing medicine for all diseases. Chakra Balancing by Guna Sangah-An in-depth guide with details on all chakras. Know which the 7 chakras are and how they affect your life. Understand how important it is to balance the chakras for health and well being. Activate them through useful yoga postures. Make use of this CD collection which helps you understand how to channelize the positiveness in the universe. Learn chakra balancing meditation to give you peace and fulfillment. Healing chants mantras for Expanding Consciousness. With the most powerful healing mantras, optimize your energy balance.Change your life situation with this effective healing guide.