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A World Yoga CD For Spiritual Awakening

We at Yoga King understand how important it is to recharge your life with positive energy. Make use of a wonderful yoga CD to change your life. We bring the best inspirational collections, all available online. Listen to the healing chants to release negative karma. Listen to the wonderful chants by Imee Ooi for peaceful meditation. The Yoga CDs will inspire you for regular practice. With wonderful chants you will feel the change in your body. Browse through the great compilations and find inspiring CDs like Slow music for Yoga, Chakra Meditations by Alana Fairchild etc. Keep your mind focused with these guided meditations.


The Best Yoga Music CD For Deep Relaxation And Inner Healing

Yoga relaxation music is an excellent way to connect deeply with yourself and great way to stay in shape.  Find the answer to weight loss yoga for beginners. A daily dose of power yoga is your answer to all weight related issues. We understand how frustrating it is to try diets, medication, workouts and then gain no result. Browse our CDs for the best  yoga CD. You will never miss a single day of your yoga session again. Get inspiring sessions of assured weight loss and discover the secret to the best way to gain body shape and stay alert.


World Yoga CD To Rejuvenate Your Inner Energy

Try listening to Sound Of Prana by Dubarray as a natural way to prevent stress. Yoga King provides you with the effective methods of deep relaxation with help from some of the best yoga music artists. Beautiful compilations rendered with care and love. You will easily forget your pains and aches. The yoga poses for back pain help gain relief in just a few minutes. Remove the strain from your muscles and learn to coordinate with your body.  Purchase the CDs to help awaken your inner self.