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Beat Off Pregnancy Blues And Mood Swings With Pregnancy Yoga DVD’s At Yoga King

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Pregnancy is a time of ups and downs. Sometimes you are so excited about your baby, and sometimes you are so depressed and tensed thinking of childbirth complications, whether you can be a good mother, whether you can handle the responsibilities etc. Relax! Every expecting mother goes through these mixed emotions, and it is just normal to feel a bit depressed or cranky sometimes. The best way to beat the mood swings is to try yoga and meditation. We offer you the best illustrational DVDs depicting ways to do yoga and relax both the mind and body. Check out our yoga DVD online and make your pick.


Yoga Mama Yoga Baby- best yoga DVD for the mother and baby


This DVD about pregnancy yoga online gives separate yoga practices for each of the nine months of pregnancy starting from the conception of the child to the birth of the little munchkin and the early postpartum period. It includes meditations, asana exercises, breathing exercises, etc. These practices provide the much-needed relaxation, peace of mind, stability, support and strength for the mother all through the nine months and the stressful early postpartum period.


My Yoga Baby- Mother and kid’s yoga DVD during pregnancy times


This DVD gives illustrative instructions on safe practices of yoga anytime during the nine months of pregnancy. These yoga exercises give mothers the essential support to manage the mental and physical issues faced during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. It helps to build strength, stamina, and energy needed during these months.


Yoga Relaxation Music DVDs At Yoga King Helps You Relax And Enjoy The Course Of Pregnancy


Music plays a significant role in soothing minds and relaxing bodies. Music has that magical power to make one forget their woes and stresses. We offer you many yoga illustrational DVD's which also has soothing musical background scores which transfer you to a new world of ultimate relaxation.


Descriptive Yoga DVDs For Beginners At Yoga King To Help Them Achieve The Yoga Benefits

There is a broad range of yoga DVDs for the beginners to help them learn the basics of yoga and meditation. The DVD Tamara Yoga for beginners is specially designed for one who is new to the field of yoga. A live yoga class itself is filmed in the DVD.