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Eye Pillows & Sandbag – Keeps You Relaxed After Long Yoga Sessions

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Eye Pillows and Sandbags Online Australia

Yoga eye pillows serve the purpose of soothing eyes and calming the mind. The eye pillows at Yoga-King are manufactured either in silk or organic cotton. Both are designed with removable and washable cover.

  • Silk eye pillow measures 22cm in length and 10cm in width. It is filled with linseed and lavender to deepen your relaxation process. Users have an option of selecting from the shades of blue, pink, red, brown and green.
  • Organic cotton eye pillow measures 22cm in length and 8cm in width. It is filled with dried lavender and linseeds, and available in purple, black and blue.

Sandbags are used in restorative Yoga practice to relax body muscles. It is placed on the legs, arms back or under the feet. We provide organic cotton sandbags with zip facility. The bags are either filled with sand or buckwheat and weigh about 4.5kg. It has a handle for portability and available in the shades of purple, blue and olive.