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Zen Products At Yoga King To Get Your Yoga Meditation Benefits

Zen meditation is said to be the purest form of meditation, making use of the best meditation techniques. We, at Yoga King, help you achieve these benefits with the aid of exclusive Zen meditation products. These can be called the sacred spiritual items too. These Zen products help you achieve the deep concentration, the right posture, stability of both body and mind needed to achieve the full benefits of Zen meditation. You can either focus your eyes on a single point or just keep it closed and relaxed. Relaxing the eyes, facial muscles and jaws help you to achieve the spiritual benefits of meditation


Yoga principles and philosophy at Yoga King to aid you

Meditating following the Zen meditation principles learned through yoga books available at our online store helps you achieve greater benefits of Zen meditation. Here are some of the books available at our store:


The essence of Mind- by Zen Master Sen Shin to teach you what is yoga meditation

Written by Zen Master Sen Shin, this book is the one to go for if you are looking for something inspiring. Sen Shin inspires and encourages both old and new students of yoga to learn new things by enquiring and improving your creative side by wondering. It is a very open-hearted, direct method of approach and you are sure to love it.


Buddhism for Mothers- by Sarah Naphali giving a new perspective to yoga definition

Motherhood is bliss. But it is also tiring and an emotional turmoil time for the women. People in general just focus on caring the babies and forget about the emotional and physical stress on mothers. This book lays emphasis on such mothers. It helps mothers to relax, ward off stress and be your happier self while taking care of your little ones. The effects of meditation on the mind are very strong, and it creates the calmness and comfort a mother needs the most during this period.


Meditation Cushions At Yoga King For Better Sitting Postures

Meditating cushions are round shaped beautiful crescent cushions that aid in meditation. These are filled with eco-friendly Buckwheat hull or cotton from the Australian farms. These cushions give you extra height while doing sitting yoga postures. These are both moisture resistant and lightweight. It helps you get the right posture and support needed during yoga.