Plant-a-Tree Programme - Yoga King

Yoga King has become part of Carbon Neutral's Plant-a-Tree Programme. We have made the committment to plant a tree for every $80 of retail sales made. By choosing to buy from yoga King, you will be planting a tree and you will help us revegetate Australia’s rural landscape.

Your donation will have a big impact on our environment and help make a difference for future generations. We lead biodiverse conservation plantings, using carefully selected native species to create habitats that are more resilient to Australia’s climate and support natural ecosystems and wildlife.

Your donation will contribute not only to the initial planting but also to the continual nurture and monitoring of your tree.

So far we have planted 301 trees

Biodiverse Native Tree Planting

Helping to revegetate Australia’s natural landscape

About Carbon Neutral Trees…

  • Multiple local native species of trees and shrubs are planted.
  • Trees are legally protected on most sites.
  • As a guide, sites will conservatively sequester between 150-250 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare over their lifetime in the areas we plant. This approximately equates to around six trees per tonne.
  • Sites are prepared to industry best practice standards to promote maximum health, vigour and survival of seedlings.


  • For every $3.75 we plant one tree/shrub in rural Australia

Trees Help To...

  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Combat salinity
  • Provide wind breaks
  • Improve biodiversity
  • Provide habitat for native animals
  • Sequester carbon dioxide

Planting Sites

  • All plantings are designed to improve and protect the rural environment. Carbon Neutral prefers to plant on less productive land, supporting farming with windbreaks, groundwater management and biodiversity.
  • Species are selected according to soil type and local climate and include a range of local native trees, shrubs and understory. In most cases 10-40 different species will be established through direct seeding and /or planting seedlings.
  • Carbon Neutral works with Land Conservation District Committees, Landcare Officers, Regional Catchment Councils and NRM officers. Mapping, weed and pest control, fire prevention and protection from livestock are all part of a comprehensive site management plan. Sites are monitored annually until established and in-fill planting is undertaken where required.