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Strap Up For Support With a Yoga Belt From Yoga King

Practicing yoga requires trying out many postures. Some of the postures may be a bit difficult for even the well-experienced ones. There are always chances of slipping off postures or alignments. In such a scenario, a yoga belt helps you to perform the postures correctly without slipping off or injuring oneself. But even if you have the yoga belt with you, always listen to your body and choose the postures that are comfortable for you. The 2.4m yoga belts are also available with plastic buckle fastener that is adjustable too. Best in class yoga belts can be chosen from the wide variety of yoga supply collections available at Yoga King.

2m And 2.4 M Wide Yoga Belts Make The Ideal Yoga Equipment

Our 2m and 2.4 wide yoga belts provide the adequate strength and support for you to finish off your yoga postures with ease. The belts are made of pure organic cotton. It can be fastened onto your body using double D-rings. The 2m wide ones are available in colours like burgundy, navy blue, and green. The 2.4m yoga belt is available in shades of black, purple and blue. You could easily clean it by washing with vinegar and water. These are long-lasting and durable too. Check out our online store for purchasing yoga products online.


Yoga Accessories Go Well With Yoga Props To Make A Change With Yoga

Yoga accessories are one of the yoga supplies available at our online store. Accessorization has become the new trend of today. We often tend to accessorize our daily wear apparels too. Yoga accessories like Amethyst mala, stainless steel spiral clock, bemsilk eye pillow, etc. imparts a sense of relaxed and soothing environment and also assist you in completing the yoga practice the right way.

Yoga props like yoga bolster give the support and element of relaxation needed for performing certain postures of yoga. Yoga mats aid to prevent the slippage of hands and legs during the practice of certain asanas. Yoga foam blocks provide flexibility, support and balance for performing yoga practices. At Yoga King, all our products are made of entirely organic and extra durable yoga materials.