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Get Yoga Blankets From Yoga King For That Extra Comfort And Support

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Yoga blankets provide an extra support and comfort while performing yoga postures. It can be used fully stretched down on the floor, rolled up or folded according to your need. It helps in various poses like in the child’s pose; you can roll up the blanket and place it between legs and hips so that the hips can rest comfortably on it. Similarly, for a shoulder stand, the blanket can be folded and kept below shoulder area so that the shoulder gets an extra cushiony support and the neck doesn’t get hurt. It can also be rolled up and used instead of bolster for those who find it difficult to afford bolsters. You can use it alongside the right yoga supply available at our store and attain the right postures for your yoga practice.

Yoga Blanket- The Ideal Yoga Equipment For Comfort

Take a quick glance at our yoga products online and get the perfect yoga blanket of your choice. There is the medium organic cotton yoga blanket which is entirely environment-friendly. We always lay stress on producing yoga accessories that are completely safe for the environment. The yoga blankets available at our online store are made of pure 100% organic cotton.


The added perk is that it is available in a wide array of colours. The medium-sized blankets are of medium thickness and are not too fluffy so that you get the required grip and comfort. In areas of hot climate, these blankets are adept for savasana. A thicker blanket might be too hot for the same. These medium blankets are available in orange/purple stripes design and also green/pink stripes design. Check out our yoga supplies online to team it up with the blanket for your postures.


The Ace Of Yoga Props- Grey Yoga Blanket

One of the best yoga props made of completely durable yoga materials you can own would be the new grey blankets available at our online store. These are very versatile for daily use and is made of 50% wool. It is extra durable contrary to others; its quality improves with each wash. We would recommend washing it with a gentle cool wash using cold or warm water before the first use. It is also an economical option over the cotton blankets.