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Yoga Chair, Stool & Yoga Headstand – Ideal for Legs, Back & Neck

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Yoga Chair and Yoga Headstand Online Australia

At Yoga-King, we offer a variety of props that are suitable for the people of all ages, and for the ones with health constraints. Take a look at our Yoga chair. It is specially designed for complex asanas. It has an optional backbend extension that provides back support for sitting asanas and eases the backbend practice.

Additionally, it gives comfort to the legs and doesn’t require an extra cushion.  Folding Meditation Stool is another prop that is ideal for long meditation practice. Its front height is 16cm, and back one is 20cm. This helps in reducing the knee pressure thus making you comfortable in your long sessions. We provide the option of selecting soft cushion that has elastic bands that can be attached to the legs of the stool. It is hand sewn and made up of cotton.

The BodyLift-Yoga Headstand is designed for the people with neck problems. You can perform headstand safely without injuring your neck as it comes with a cushion that provides support to your shoulders. Initially, you can place it next to a wall so that you can completely relax, but with regular practice, it can be used without the support of the wall.