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Eco-Friendly Yoga Rollers Australia at Yoga King – Act as a Massage Tool

Yoga Rollers Online Australia

At Yoga-King, we provide eco-friendly Yoga rollers to keep you fresh after your workouts. Yoga rollers improve blood circulation, provide flexibility, reduce muscle tension and recovers injured muscles. They are foam rollers that relax the trigger points (the knots developed in the muscle areas) that cause pain. They measure 45cm and 90cm in length.

Users get to select the rollers of different dimensions and designs according to their needs. Grab your favourite one from the list of Yoga Tri Ribbed Rollers, Yoga Rollers Kit, or Yoga D Shape Rollers.

  • Yoga Tri Ribbed Rollers are suitable for Restorative Yoga postures. Its diameter is 15cm, and the length is 45cm or 90cm. It is available in Burgundy color.
  • Yoga Rollers kit consist of multiple black rollers of different sizes.
  • Yoga D Shape Rollers measuring 45cm or 90cm long and 15cm wide, come in mix shades of black and red. It improves posture.

The rollers are enduring, recyclable and easy to clean. They are used to perform several exercises. You can try lying on your back with the roller placed behind your shoulders or on your face down with the roller under your hips. The former one allows you to roll from the shoulders to the bottom of the ribs. The latter one allows you to roll from your hips to knees.