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Yoga Mat Bags & Yoga Mat Straps – For Carrying Yoga Accessories to Yoga Studio

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Yoga Mat Bags and Yoga Mat Straps Online Australia

We believe in conserving the environment, and hence the bags we supply are eco-friendly made up of 100% pure cotton. The materials used are natural and safe. Have a look at our organic Yoga Tote bag! It is large enough to accommodate your essentials and has two zip pockets – one at the exterior and other at the interior of the bag. The exterior section is designed to keep the Yoga accessories while the interior one can be used to keep your wallet or purse.  It has an adjustable strap so that you can carry this bag comfortably to your Yoga studio. Users get to select from the colors of purple, burgundy, navy blue, orange, and olive. It comes in 16cm diameter and 70cm length.

Yoga Mat Straps are used to carry Yoga mats and towels to the studio. They can be adjusted to different lengths according to the size of your mat or towel. The maximum size it can accommodate is the size of the rolled mat of 16cm diameter. It has buckles which can be released quickly. Maintenance is not an issue. You can simply mix the vinegar and water in equal parts to clean the mat straps.