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Yoga King Standard Mats - Ideal for Beginners

Our Standard Mats serve the purpose of getting relief from joint pains along with conserving our environment by producing eco-friendly Mats. The materials used in developing the Mats are TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) that is free from harmful chemicals. These Mats are well-known for their longevity and thickness. It is mostly preferred by Yoga Centres so that they can be used by many people together. 


The most common type of Mat in this category is Eco PVC Yoga Mat. It is ideal for beginners or people with bad knees. They are easy to carry, eco-friendly, and highly durable. The PVC material provides long-lasting density and quality, even when used in performing complicated Yoga postures. These Mats come in multiple varieties and in some types you may have to use a Mat Towel to get the extra grip. They come in 6mm and 4mm thickness. Customers will get an option to choose from different shades of Blue, Black, Pink, Olive, Orange, Green, and Purple. These mats come with Yoga bags that are large enough to carry your necessities. They can be cleaned using vinegar and water or mild soap. We offer discounts for bulk purchases


We offer you the best thick yoga mat at our online store. Thick yoga mats provide more comfort and grip for performing even the most complicated postures. Our yoga mats are completely environment-friendly too and can be recycled to other products.


Yoga King TPE Yoga Mat- Buy an eco yoga mat for your daily routine yoga.


This environment-friendly yoga mat with above standard yoga mat thickness is the best thing you can ever own. The material TPE( ThermoPlastic Elastomer) does not contain many of the chemicals usually used for the manufacture of yoga mats. These can be easily recycled to other products, offers you excellent grip for yoga sessions and has a thickness of 6mm. It is offered in two beautiful colours- olive green/grey and also blue/grey.


Go For The Yoga King Yoga Mats Australia! These Won’t Let You Down For Sure! 

For those suffering from bad knees, get the thick yoga mat for bad knees and find ultimate solution for your knee pains. Best in class yoga mats are provided at affordable prices at our online store.


Yoga King 6P Hi-density mat

These mats are made of highly durable and high-density material. These are specially designed for studio or home practice sessions. It is completely environment-friendly and is free from toxic materials. In addition to these qualities, this mat is extra soft and comfortable for use. This would be the ideal choice for yoga centers where many people practice together.


Get Eco Yoga Mats Australia And Contribute To Environment Protection 

We always give stress to the protection of the environment and providing yoga mat cheap for you. We produce yoga products that are completely eco-friendly. In that way, we make sure we do our role in the preservation of the environment.


Yoga King Organic Cotton Mat 

These are pure organic cotton mats made of 100% cotton. These are multicoloured, machine washable and can be used by themselves or under a yoga mat. It is available in light green colour with yellow, orange stripes, brown colour with green stripes and black colour with red, green stripes.