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We, at Yoga King, are very particular that you get access to the best thick yoga mat for all your yoga practice needs. With our yoga mat, you can be ensured super comfort, grip and zero slippage while performing the various postures of yoga. We also provide you with eco-friendly yoga mat made of natural resources.

Yoga King - Eco-Friendly Mats

Yoga King provides eco-friendly Yoga Mats made up of natural and biodegradable resources. We make Mats from pure Jute, Rubber, and Cork without adding any artificial elements. They are layered with the non-slippery surface protecting you from slipping even on wet surfaces without compromising the quality.


Natural Cork Mats are coated with TPE on one side and Cork on other. TPE helps in balancing your body by providing the fixed amount of grip. They come in natural cork color, providing you the comfort, high quality, and odor-free Mats. These Mats are best suited for hot yoga sessions. The cork’s natural antimicrobial properties ease the cleaning process. With every purchase of this Mat, we plant a tree, thus balancing the environment!


Mats made up of natural rubber are also coated with TPE base, providing you the comfort to your knees. These Mats come in the shades of blue and green. They are portable and soft in nature. To clean these Mats, use a clean cloth or a solution containing vinegar and water. Combination of Jute and Rubber are most preferred by the Yoga practitioners. They are safe, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Currently, this combination is available in Wine-Red color.


We also offer organic cotton bags specially designed to carry your Yoga Essentials. Let us show the love to our nature by making use of all the environment-friendly products!


Yoga King’s Jute with Natural Rubber Mat- Buy Eco Yoga Mat for Your Practice Sessions 


Get the original eco yoga mat you have been looking for! This mat is made of pure jute and dipped in natural rubber. It is available is eye-catchy red wine colour. It does not contain artificial elements like PER, PVC or TPE. It is made of completely biodegradable material. It weighs 2 kg and has 180cm x 61cm x 3mm size. It has an extra non-slippery surface that won’t slip even if it is thoroughly wet. Hence it is the best companion for those practising yoga.


Get Your Eco Yoga Mats Australia! Yoga King Is Here With A Great Collection Of Yoga Mats!

Get your yoga mat cheap at moderate prices at the same time not compromising on quality. We lay stress on producing eco-friendly yoga mats that do not cause any harm to our beautiful natural surroundings.


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If you are someone who is particular about the quality of a product and loves to practice yoga, then you have reached the right place. We provide you with high quality, eco-friendly and durable yoga mats. We offer you yoga mats that are economical, having good grip and are anti-slip.