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Yoga Mat Towels Australia at Yoga King – High Absorbent Towels, Ideal for Your Long Yoga Sessions

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Yoga Mat Towels Online Australia

Yoga mat towels are designed to provide you with the extra comfort in your rigorous Yoga sessions. You can either place it on top of the mat to avoid slipping or can use to wipe off the sweat after your session. The Thirsty Yoga towel which is made up of 78% polyester and 22 % nylon is highly absorbent. Mat towels come with optional extra length and extra width so that users can choose according to their requirements. These towels dry faster than the ordinary ones and keep you fresh throughout. They are compact and portable.

Take a look at our Manduka eQua hand towels which are well-known for its light-weight and quick drying ability. You can use them for your outdoor activities or as a wrap during the winter. They are made up of microfiber to get the extra grip.

The hand towels come in the shades of blue, pink, black and purple. They are designed according to the specifications of any standard Yoga mat. Make your Yoga practice a memorable one by making the best use of Yoga accessories!