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Is it possible that oils extracted from aromatic plants can change your life? Yes, say David Schiller and Carol Schiller, authors of the highly regarded Aromatherapy Encyclopedia, who have spent decades discovering the secrets of essential oils. The many virtues of aromatherapy can be traced back to ancient civilizations and, fortunately, essential oils are abundantly available today to help us improve the quality of our lives. Based on extensive research and hands-on use, this practical, inspiring guide promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through aromatherapy. The book provides a wide variety of formulas for everyday use. Some are designed to enhance different types of soothing massage, while others help the body by reducing stress and promoting restful sleep. Recognizing that people are trying to minimize their exposure to chemicals in personal care products, the authors offer pure, natural formulas for face and body care crE8;mes, bath oils and salts, and hair rinses. Essential oils can also be used to transcend the physical body and engage the mind as they enhance the quality of life within and without. Human beings were born with the potential for greatness and a meaningful life. Using natural oils can help us achieve that potential through the honorable intentions we manifest, the principled actions we take, and the harmonious relationships we develop with everyone around us. But let's not stop there. The book provides formulas that help us strive to unlock our spiritual potential by promoting such aspirations as positive thoughts, intuition, and higher consciousness. The perfect book for those who aspire to live life in accord with nature's bounty, Aromatherapy for Life Empowerment provides a wealth of ways to experience the positive impact of essential oils in all aspects of life.

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