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Learn the magic in adopting routine Buddhist yogic poses.

Look through a fantastic collection of yoga books.

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Browse online for a huge collection from Yoga King. Exceptional yoga books which explain how Buddhism includes yoga principles. Draw attention to your body and be in control of your emotions.

Find an inspiring book about yoga and its connection to Buddhism. Follow the instructions to derive positive energy in every breath. Books like Tiny Buddha's Guide to loving yourself will show you how to transform your life.

Awaken your energy and see the wide range of possibilities that were right in front of you, but went unnoticed. Learn to recognize the signs that nature shows you for a successful life.


Yoga Book Illustrating Buddhist Yoga Poses-The Path To Enlightenment

Get to know about the Buddhist principles. Know more about the history of Buddhism and how it is related to Yoga. Be aware of the sister traditions which have their roots in ancient India. See how similar the traditions are and how they influence each other.


Buddhism And Yoga: Where The Paths Cross-Find Out More

You will find many similarities between Yoga and Buddhism. They blend into each other and form a strong base between themselves. Both these systems follow the ultimate principle of truth and self-realization. They teach you the path of spiritual enlightenment. Emphasis is paid to the importance of meditation in daily life. You will be able to see the reasons why we suffer in life.

The authors like Peter Fenton, Joseph Emet, etc. give more knowledge on inner healing methods. Reflect on your life journey and gain a deep perception of the meaning of real happiness. See how life changes when you follow non-attachment and non-violence. His Holiness Dalai Lama has described his life so beautifully that you will be inspired to lead your life according to that book.

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