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Proper instructions on how to do yoga postures form the heart of yoga. Without following the right methods, postures, props and yoga accessories, you never achieve the true benefits of doing yoga. Hence getting the right instructions are crucial. We provide you with the most accurate set of instructions through a wide range of books on yoga:

Finding more on the Mat: How I grew better, wiser, and stronger through yoga- yoga book By Michelle Berman

This book throws light on yoga and the potential it has to transform our lives. It lays stress on the importance of practicing yoga on a regular basis. It asks us to surrender to something divine, like grace. It helps to enjoy the yoga meditation in its full ethereal beauty. It lays emphasis on the positive attitude we need to culminate while performing the exercises. Thus it tells about many little things we often tend to let go by unnoticed.


Get The Best Yoga Book For Beginners At Yoga King

There are various Instructional yoga books available at our online store which lays emphasis on yoga anatomy. Beginners find it harder to learn the basics of yoga and find answers to their little doubts. Here is one such book that would help the beginners:

Yoga your home practice companion - a book about Yoga by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.

This book acts as a detailed guide about how to practice yoga. This book contains instructions given by famous yoga teachers from the renowned Sivananda Yoga Vedanta school. All the classic yoga poses are described in detail with the help of photographs for easier understanding. There are well-described yoga programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of yoga students in this book.


Complete Description About All The Yoga Asanas In a Book At Yoga King

The Asanas in Yoga can be quite confusing and arduous for even experts. But with Yoga King around, no issues related to yoga even exist. We are the one-stop solution for all your yoga needs.

Asanas: 608 Yoga poses- by Dharma Mittra

This book can be termed the most far-reaching encyclopedia about asanas. This book describes each of the 608 poses of yoga complete with the illustrations and instructions.

Besides these books, our online store provides you with an array of various books to choose from.