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Prayer Flags Online Australia

Tibetan Buddhists believe in spreading peace, love, joy, harmony, good health, positivity and happiness through prayer flags. For example, when the wind blows the flag, it carries the spiritual power received from the flag and drives off the negative vibes across. It is believed that anyone who feels the wind gets purified from their negative deeds and transforms into a pure state of consciousness. Similarly, when the rain touches the flag, it is believed to bless other creatures on the ground.

Yoga-King is delighted to spread this holistic message across! Have a look at our Prayer Flag products. Each Prayer Flag set has five colors (blue, white, red, green, yellow), and come in small, medium, and large categories. We even supply Prayer Flag book which describes the Tibetan history and tradition. It has the spiritual content which helps in bringing the spiritual balance in human life. Read the book to get the original message and then buy the Prayer Flag to follow the tradition. When the teachings are for a good cause, let’s make an effort in continuing the practice. We also provide Tibetan Bell and Dorje