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Comfort your yoga postures with the best yoga mat available in Australia!

Here’s the best thick yoga mat you have been searching for. We provide you with a broad range of thick yoga mats.

Features of our premium yoga mat online:

  • Yoga mat with strap
  • Bag for yoga mat
  • Large handbags for yoga mat
  • Mat spray


Buy Eco Friendly Yoga Mats At Yoga King

Our Yoga Mats that are made up of natural and renewable resources in Australia. We offer thick, durable, light-weight, and eco-friendly yoga mats, thus protecting the environment along with satisfying your needs.

We always provide you with the original eco yoga mat. It is entirely environment-friendly and biodegradable. This is for those who care about and wish to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Mat Sprays are made up of natural products like Aloe Vera and Coconut oil protecting your skin from harmful chemicals. Mat Straps are designed for the transportation of mats and towels to your Yoga studios. Gift Packs come with different Yoga products like Belts, Mats, and Yoga Sticks.

Travel with yoga mat with a beautiful bag!

Take a moment to look at our products that support you in achieving a healthy, peaceful, and balanced life!


Go For The Manduka Yoga Mat With Exceptional Cushioning And Comfort 

Manduka mats for yoga are specially made for comfort. We offer many Manduka Mats for you to choose from. One such product is the Manduka PRO mat. It is extra-long, extra-wide, denser and thicker. To top it, it has excellent non-slip surfaces too.