Yoga Bolsters - Alleviating Body Postures and Imparting Relaxation

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Need a prop that relaxes and supports your yoga postures?

Yoga Bolster will ease your yoga practice!

It is almost like a pillow and is often found in cylindrical, rectangular or circular shapes. A yoga bolster finds its most common use in Iyengar, prenatal and, restorative yoga practices.

We have a complete collection of all your yoga supply needs under one roof. Here are some of the yoga bolster packs you will need to check out!


Yoga Bolster Gift Pack For Someone Hooked Onto Yoga

Yoga King provides the best yoga products online, and one of them is the yoga bolster gift pack. This would be the ideal gift for someone interested in yoga, practices it or plans to start practicing it. The gift pack contains a large-sized organic bolster, a yoga belt of 2m, two numbers of natural cork block, and also Incense. Check-out yoga bolsters in Australia.


Yoga Equipments - Mat And Bolster Together In A Gift Pack

When a gift includes both a yoga mat and a yoga bolster, what more could a yoga fan ask for? This special gift pack we offer includes an eco yoga mat made of natural rubber or a natural cork mat. It also contains a large-sized organic bolster, a 2m cotton strap, two cork blocks, and also an incense stick. To top it all off, it includes a set of socks and gloves too.

Doesn't that make an ideal gift for someone interested in yoga?

Get your gift pack with all the yoga supplies integrated together at our online store.


The Right Yoga Props To Reap The Real Benefits Of Yoga

The actual benefits of yoga can be reaped only if you follow the right procedures for doing it. The proper procedures of yoga require yoga props. Props like yoga bolsters, yoga mats, yoga belts, and foam blocks help in achieving the true benefits of yoga. Yogs props made of good, durable and eco-friendly yoga products are to be opted for while selecting the ideal prop for you.