Zen Practice With Yoga King Meditation Mala Beads

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Discover your spiritual being with yoga mala beads available at our online store. An authentic mala bead resonates positive energy throughout your mediation practice.

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Amethyst Mala - Bring about wisdom

The Amethyst mala is made of semi-precious amethyst stones. It’s regarded as the holy stone of contentment and spirituality. It is believed to usher in wisdom and knowledge to the wearer, at the same time absorbing the negative energies in itself. It then emits positive energy all around imparting a positive impact on your mind.


Welcome To The World Of Yoga With Meditation For Beginners At Yoga King

Want to learn to meditate by using mala beads. Make meditation a part of your life.

You will be surprised by the sense of calmness and comfort it gives to your troubled soul.


Hematite Mala Beads- helping in the guided zen meditation for beginners.

Learn meditation to improve your focus. Meditation always helps individuals in self-realization, warding off stress, anxieties, and depression.

Hematite mala beads are used for counting the number of mantras used during meditation.

These are made of 108 beads.


Relieve Stress, Tensions, And Depressions with Zen Meditation Practice Using Mala Beads From Yoga King

Red Jasper Mala beads- Red-colored 108 bead meditation mala

It’s made of either wood or precious stones, used to count the number of mantras.

It consists of 108 beads. The number 108 denotes the number of breaths one takes while in deep meditation.

It’s said that these denote 108 energy lines leading to the heart, helping you in the process of self-realization