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Check out the wide range of books available at our online page that gives you a detailed idea about what is yoga philosophy and how it helps you in your journey of life. Yoga is also a therapy that heals souls and relieves one-off tensions and pressures of life. Here is a book that stresses on the therapeutical aspect of yoga:

Yoga therapy for stress and anxiety: Create a personalised holistic plan to balance your life- yoga philosophy book by Butera Butera, Erin Byron Byron and Steffan Elgelid Elgelid

This yoga book lays stress on the way to healing hearts and bringing about life changes with the help of yoga. It throws light on 5 points of yoga- psychology, health, intellect, relationships, and work. It explains how practising yoga can help you to improve all these 5 points. It gives detailed descriptions of meditations, breathing exercises, and other techniques which help you to practise yoga efficiently.

Yoga King- Study In Detail About Yoga Principles And Philosophy

Various books which give detailed and authoritative information about the principles of asanas and sutras are available at our online store. Here is one such book that can help you to a great extent in getting a deeper understanding of yoga:

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- by William Q. Judge

This book is considered to be the ultimate manual for studying and practising yoga. It tells you about the sutras in yoga and how it helps you to improve your overall well-being and prosper in life.

Find The Best Yoga Books For Beginners At The Yoga King Online Store

Beginners always have trouble learning and mastering the art of yoga. But when we are here at your service, you needn’t worry at all. We have an extensive collection of best yoga books that helps you each step of the way in the eternal universe of yoga.

The Chakra Handbook: From a basic understanding of the practical application

This book can be considered as an all-in-all guide for beginners and experts alike. It lays emphasis on synching the energy centres in the human body with colours, music, breathing techniques, gemstones, meditation, reflex zone massage and various aspects of nature.