Kriya Yoga: Four Spiritual Masters and a Beginner Book by Heidi Wyder

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When the author arrived at Varanasi, India after travelling around the world, she decided it was the perfect spot to dabble in a bit of yoga. The young novitiate had no idea that this getting to shape step will lead her to transformation of lifelong spiritual journey. Kriya Yoga is the narrative of beginner's remarkable immersion in an extremely powerful practice that leads to inner peace and supreme bliss. Logging her progress with the help of Four Spiritual Masters, Wyder's fascinating and uplifting account takes spiritual seekers everywhere on a captivating voyage along the ancient and much sought-after yoga path known in India as the “Holy Grail.” This book does recounts the extraordinary and miraculous lives of the renowned spiritual master Lahiri Mahasaya, his son Tinkori Lahiri, and his grandson Satya Charan Lahiri, who passed the authority to teach others to his most advanced disciple, “Guruji” Prakash Shankar Vyas. Wyder presents Guruji's logical and authoritative answers by exploring questions surrounding prayer, meditation, healing, levitation, and the meaning of life. It enables others to further their own personal quest towards self-discovery and peace of mind by accessing the authentic and scientific Kriya Yoga.

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