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The Way Things Are: A Living Approach To Buddhism’ is an amazing seminal work, which details the powerful methods of Diamond Way Buddhism for readers. It explains a way of liberating life through the highest methods of Tibetan Buddhism in a clear and precise manner. This book is extremely helpful in orienting the new followers especially in the modern western world. The book redefines a transparent and elucidating approach for everyone, be it a beginner or an experienced practitioner. ‘The Way Things Are’ contains a complete essence of Buddhism practically relevant to the modern world. The book redefines and guides through a path, well-established since years through the enlightened saints and illuminated souls. Lama Ole Nydahl, one of the first disciples or Diamond Way Buddhism, has offered a precious jewel for all the readers in form of this book with his understanding and realizations of Buddhism through his practice of 30+ years. A must read for all.

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