Art of Attention: A Yoga Practice Workbook for Movement as Meditation

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Yoga begins with physical well-being. But it can also transport us through meditation, self-awareness, and movement into a lifelong exploration of presence, elegance, and deeper life purpose. With “Art of Attention,” Elena Brower and Erica Jago show us the way. Distilled from their acclaimed workshops and training programs, this multifaceted book can be used as: A step-by-step workshop for merging movement-based mindfulness with traditional yoga A tool kit of asanas, meditations, self-inquiry questions, and healing practices for creating your own daily spiritual practice An uplifting source of visual beauty and wisdom teachings for inner reflection and elevation For students and teachers at every level, this one-of-a-kind resource takes us further into yoga and the art of living with clarity, creativity, wonder, and depth. Includes contributions from MC YOGI, Gabrielle Bernstein, Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington Burns, and others inspired by Elena and Erica s work." Review Elena is our favorite yoga teacher! She is the embodiment of love, gratitude, and grace. In this stunningly gorgeous book, Elena and Erica take you on a journey into your mind, body, and heart. They light the path for your brilliance to shine even more brightly. Their joy and beauty infuse every page and will call you to express the highest within. You will be inspired to connect to your authentic self and share your gifts with the world in a more loving and grounded way. Alexandra & Brian Johnson, cofounders of en*theos This book is a must-read for anyone interested in experiencing the dignity that comes from attending to both the inner landscape of Being as well as to the outer details of daily life with clarity and integrity. Elena and Erica bring artistry to life in their project, and inspire us all to live with beauty, authenticity, and courage. Christina Sell, author of “Yoga from the Inside Out” and “My Body Is a Temple: Yoga As a Path to Wholeness” Every once in a while a book arrives in this world that contains magic so profound it will transform you forever, it will wake you up, turn up the light on your soul, and provide an oasis of healing, rejuvenation, and restoration for you to return to over and over again. “Art of Attention” is such a book. It will carry you gently into a deep yoga practice, while enlivening your mind, opening your heart, and soothing your soul. Mark Hyman, MD, #1 “New York Times ”bestselling author of “The Blood Sugar Solution” Elena and Erica have created such a healing gift for us all. The beauty, wisdom, and guidance in “Art of Attention ”will not only strengthen your yoga practice, it will lead you to a deeper knowing and acceptance of yourself. I will cherish my copy for years to come. Kris Carr, “New York Times ”bestselling author Elena was my first yoga teacher, and to this day I feel fortunate to have begun on my path of yoga with her. “Art of Attention ”is a book that embodies her teaching and her being: spacious, thoughtful, and beautiful. Eva Mendes, Actor The wondrous images accompanying this invitation to practice set this book apart, conveying the beauty and adventure of contemporary yoga practice. Kaitlin Quistgaard, former editor-in-chief, “Yoga Journal” I ve been inspired by Elena s commitment to bring us closer to our bodies and hearts, and this book accomplishes her objective beautifully. “Art of Attention” is an instructive, healing homage to the practice of yoga. Dr. Frank Lipman, founder and director of Eleven-Eleven Wellness Center, New York City The beauty, wisdom, and guidance in “Art of Attention” will not only strengthen your yoga practice, it will lead you to a deeper knowing and acceptance of yourself. Kris Carr, author of the “New York Times ”bestseller “Crazy Sexy Diet” Elena and Erica have taken us on a journey, an initiation, a soulful exploration of the embodiment of divine movement through yoga. This book is a beautiful expression of their attention to luminous detail and sacred practice, and now it is a gift for all of us. Thank you goddesses! Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow Full of inspiration, creativity, and awareness, “Art of Attention ”will sensitize and energize your cells from the inside out, and jolt you into finding new expressions and discoveries in your practice and your life. Tara Stiles, bestselling author of “Yoga Cures” and “Slim Calm Sexy Yoga” Can a book be a sanctuary? With “Art of Attention,” Erica and Elena have manifested an interactive portal to somatic consciousness, inner beauty, and self-reckoning. It stirs the heart, mind, and body to actively introvert and attend to the deepest layers of being. Jill Miller, anatomy and movement specialist, creator of Yoga Tune Up®" Author Biography Elena BrowerElena has been teaching yoga since 1998. After graduating from Cornell University with a design degree, she was a textile and apparel designer for six years. Having studied with several master yoga teachers for over a decade, Elena offers the practice of yoga globally as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for body, mind, and heart.Erica JagoERICA JAGO is a yoga teacher, designer, and artist who combines her many gifts to bring beauty, depth, and meaning to yoga books, media, and her classes. For more, visit

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