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  • Increases employee productivity
  • Decreases stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • Reduces absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Improves employee health and wellbeing
  • Promotes a healthy work/life balance

For these reasons many companies are deciding to put more options in place for their workers to reduce their stress. One of the most popular is setting up yoga lessons at work. Yoga techniques serve a number of purposes for employees:

Stress Reduction By teaching people how to focus on their breathing and techniques, the process of yoga can help them remove the anxiety and stress that was controlling their life before.

Flexibility Those learning yoga are learning how to properly stretch and use their muscles and tendons. This creates an awareness of strain in different parts of the body, and hopefully helps to forewarn of any repetitive stress that may lead to injury.

Stimulation from Exercise Yoga can help people be a little ‘more in shape’. As exercise releases endorphins into the system leading to a sense of well-being, Yoga can create a better feeling and attitude towards the work environment.

Morale Believe it or not, one way to make things safer in the workplace is to boost morale. Higher morale means more employees happy with their job and doing their part to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Yoga can bring employees together and boost morale in your office. When you’re ready to bring your office together with a morale boost, and help them help themselves to make a safer workspace, consider what offices around the world are doing and consider setting up a yoga program for your business.

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