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There has been plenty written about consumerism and why we spend, but this is the first time I've seen it explored in evolutionary terms. It's an interesting theory, that our somewhat irrational consumer habits are the result of ancient survival mechanisms. In order to create more a sustainable future, we need to learn to recognize enough when we see it, and evolve a stop button. The book's much broader than that, our hunting and gathering instincts are more of a recurring theme along the way as John Naish tackles a range of issues, including our pursuit of more food, more information, and more work. He draws on a range of trends, observations and research, and also seeks out relevant experts to interview. Each chapter concludes with practical suggestions for finding the elusive "enough" point - the point at which further increase makes no difference to our wellbeing, and these are original and practical. John Naish writes with flair and a sense of humor, and cheerfully admits he hasn't got all the answers. There's plenty you'll have heard before if you've done much reading on simplicity and consumerism, but Naish has an unusual perspective and a very readable style, and "Enough" has much to recommend it. This is simply a brilliant book reflecting on the sheer stupidity of our endless striving for better and more when we already have more than enough. We have evolved into a race chasing the impossible dream that ends up with us all stressed out, depleting our resources, unhappy and unfulfilled. The author argues we need to develop a cultural sense of "enough-ness" and to be happy with what we HAVE rather than always striving for more and better

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