Journey into the Sacred Heart - Guided Meditations CD by Frances

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This album of sacred music and divine meditations can assist you to unlock your ultimate power of peace, love, healing and abundance. Helping you to clear blockages or stagnant energy, actively assisting you to gain clarity and direction, opening the Heart and healing the mind, body and soul. You can even just play them in the background while you do housework as they will help clear the energy in your home/business, nourish and protect all of your surroundings. You will be guided upon a magical journey to a place within, experiencing endless love, light and wisdom. Listening to the sounds of peaceful Tibetan bells, sacred flutes and other enchanting instrumental sounds of healing, enabling you to heal and balance on all levels gently and at your own divine pace with your own divine timing. Allowing yourself to open to divine love, finding your wings and flying though infinite peace!

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